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What Clients Say 


Pat's Mobile Haircuts
" Huge thanks to Pat who just gave me the best haircut I ever exaggeration. I have ultra fine hair and having my hair cut was on par with a root canal for me, this one looks great and is so easy to do, can't recommend her highly enough". Pam E. 
Pat's Mobile Haircuts
"Pat is incapable of giving a bad haircut. She knows hair and has a great eye. Carolyn G.
Mobile Haircuts 
Yup very good haircuts, very reasonable price and fun as well. Thanks Pat, love my new cut. Pat's fabulous!! Joan S. 


Pat's Mobile Haircuts

"Pat Valks has many talents, among them cutting and shaping people's hair.

To me, hair dressing is a sacred calling and a true form of deep therapy. Having the skill to help someone feel not only comfortable in the salon chair but also in their own skin is a beautiful service to all of us.

Pat came to my home today and in the comfort of my kitchen did a great job in bringing my hair back into the style it had grown out of. We chatted, got caught up on her recent travel adventures and made many plans for the future. I felt confident in her ability to bring out the best in me and I'm really thrilled with the outcome".

Megan Edge  

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