"Joy-Full-Fillment" Mind Body Spirit 

"Pat is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher, and created an environment that was inviting, fun and nurturing, but without pressure to conform to a particular belief. The group was a place where the seeds to increase self awareness and create our own 'joy-fulfillment were sown, to develop at our own pace. Whether curious, tentative or willing to jump right in, we were able to explore a deeper understanding of the importance of our lives being in alignment with our core, and were provided with straightforward practical techniques to help us achieve this".   P.E.


"Pat takes great joy in what she does. As a group facilitator and transmitter of wisdom, Pat brings a full openess and acceptance of others. She gently encourages people to explore new perspectives and paths and draws on learnings from various sources including other teachers/healers, her personal experience and the examples of others. N. M. 


"To Do List Buster"
"Pat, thank you so much for helping me around the house!  You're so effecient, not just an extra pair of hands, more like hands of a fairy, everthing became  lighter and happier in your presence, I got such a boost of energy having you around! I would hightly recommend your very reasonably priced services to any of our friends and beyond. I can't wait to have you back"!  Marie CL. 
"To Do List Buster"
Working with Pat was great. Pat helped me work through some of my resistance and procrastination to get started on a huge reorganizing and de-cluttering project that was really bugging me! After working for a couple hours together we made good progress and I felt relieved; and I knew I could continue on from there! It was really helpful, and we laughed and had some fun too! ... Joan S. 


Pat Valks   250-385-8570 


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