Mind Body Spirit 
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Intro Price:

Sliding scale

$10 - $15 per session


(Individual Sessions)

*To be determined 









When I took my first Mind Body Spirit workshop with Dr Divi  from The College of Mind Body Spirit Medicine,  I was so impressed I immediately took the Teachers Training course so I could offer this coaching to others.  Now just a year later, my life is very different! I have fullfilled the dream of  changing my career, travelling and now starting my own business!   


It has been scientifically proven that stress is related to illness. We know now we can "rewire" the brain with new pathways to build

a better future of wellness and vitality.

Listening to our "inner self" and paying attention to our emotions is the key'. 


Mind Body Spirit

Joy-Full-Fillment Groups


Successful previous groups focussed on many topics including: Befriending the Self, Reducing Stress, Emotional Awareness, practicing "Shifting Effort into Ease" 

and it's FUN! 

Usual format focuses on specific topic, meditation process, sharing and feedback. 


Aligning with our True Nature always feels good! 


New Groups Coming Soon! 


Pat Valks   250-385-8570 


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